The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies, Inc. is a clearinghouse for information and a community organizing resource for meeting the access and functional needs of people with disabilities throughout emergency preparedness, disaster planning, response, recovery and mitigation. The Partnership provides information and technical assistance for meeting the equal access and functional needs accommodations of people with disabilities and the whole community throughout all aspects of emergency management. This includes assessing the current state of disaster planning, and providing technical assistance to successfully include people with disabilities throughout all aspects of emergency management and disaster cycle services.

The Partnership also provides information on how communities as a whole can advocate for accessible services and disaster preparedness education. The Partnership galvanizes and amplifies the voice of the national disability community and works with local, state, tribal, territorial and federal emergency managers to create a more inclusive and accessible structure within their jurisdictions. The Partnership looks to the Trump Administration for support on our initiatives and to share our mission to achieve whole community inclusive emergency preparedness and equal access to emergency services and programs in every community.